KevinWe believe Kevin is French, it's tricky to explain but if you meet him you'll understand. One of his major responsibilities at Spudrocket is to stand between Natalie and the monitor she is working on until such time as his desire for attention is satisfied. When he's not displaying his impeccable people skills as 'welcoming kitty' for Spudrocket, Kevin spends most of his time in the studio perched on the window sill (mostly on the afternoon shift when the sun is at its warmest). Kevin's main weakness is shoes, and when he thinks no one is looking he will make sweet kitty love to any that are left lying around - it's embarassing, a little creepy but still very funny.


BoogerUnfortunate as it may sometimes seem in retrospect, within hours of her arrival at Spudrocket Booger's name was suggested by a visiting five year old and it sort of stuck. Although younger than Kevin, she is the undisputed head studio kitty. Her time is spent being the studio's morale officer, 'chatting' to Natalie, keeping work surfaces warm through transference of body heat and pretending to be a shag-pile floor mat. She's very good at taking up the majority of space on Natalie's desk, but is so cute she very rarely gets disturbed from her on-keyboard slumber.

Booger's weakness is Kevin, and when he is off doing personal and private kitty things around the property, she will continually call to him until he turns up so she can lick his head and love him. Hey, it works for them.


BoogerEric is the latest edition to the Spudrocket family, a Beagle still very much in mad puppy mode - even though he should have grown out of that by now.

Kevin and Booger are most put out with his sudden and un-approved arrival and have taken to surviving on the top of cupboards, desks and benchtops... wherever Eric can't get to them.

Eric loves sleeping in the sun, standing for hours watching Natalie work while waiting to go for a walk, and chewing on... well, anything.

He has become the official Spudrocket studio dog, of which he is very proud. Greeting everyone at the door with much more excitement than Natalie could ever muster!

You can find Eric on Twitter!