In 2006 Natalie Burgess became aware of the lack of available and talented freelance finished artists in Adelaide, South Australia.

Hearing from industry colleagues and friends how desperate they were for people with many years of experience, who were quick, able to work with minimal or no supervision and were priced competitively – Natalie decided it was time to go on the open market and work for herself. She hasn’t looked back since.

Initially trading under her own name – mainly due to word of mouth being the best form of advertising – Natalie decided in 2007 to register the business name ‘Spudrocket’. Having gained valuable clients in both graphic design and finished art, it was important for Natalie to continue to grow and develop her brand. Thus the spud.

Having her own studio has become Natalie’s favourite thing to do, so working hours are normally 10am until around 6pm depending on deadlines. It’s a night owl thing.

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