Natalie Burgess

Natalie BurgessFinished artist, graphic designer, wicked Black Russian maker.

Finished Year 12 in 1992 and headed in the direction of Fine Art. Threats of vineyard work from parents meant she had to get a 'real job' and looked into becoming a Veterinary Nurse. They rejected her because they thought she was 'too arty', so she decided photography might be her thing. A course at Carclew bored her to death, but the local newspaper thought she was interesting enough to write an article about... and then offer her a job.

Commenced apprenticeship in Composition at The Naracoorte Herald in 1993, and in 1997 became Design Manager of PaperWorks, Naracoorte, until 2001.

Moved to the big smoke and worked for Graf-x and Print-x (now FiveStarPrint) until 2003. Worked for Blue Star Print Group in their Adelaide studio at BankSA until 2006 when she couldn't stand just being another cost centre. Quit the Super Commuter scene and now works closer to home in her own studio at Spudrocket.

Can be found quite often at Queen Street drinking coffee and talking rubbish.

Natalie now works harder than ever and fills up her life with study, teaching piano, volunteering, socialising, social media, knitting unsightly jumpers and beanies for her niece and travel.