Why Spudrocket?

The name Spudrocket does have a story behind it. When asked, I usually say it is a name that is unusual and people remember it, and that's true.

But there is another side to the story of the name. When working in Naracoorte, I was given an apprentice named Ben Hood. And although he had an uncontrollable urge to dance around the studio, eat cream buns in one mouthful and scratch his back with the office rulers - it was evident very early in his career that he had the potential to do great things.

Unfortunately this wasn't true, he is now doing amazing things.

I digress. During one of his interpretive dances and while his mouth was free of food, he did manage to come up with a business name for when we planned to leave the 'hell hole' of Naracoorte and go it alone together -Spudrocket! Although, having more family ties in Naracoorte, Ben has found it harder to leave the area, so he's stuck it out and is doing really well and loving it. While I've had itchy feet all my life and wanted to leave the country to try out city life and found it really suited my style.

And while I would love to take all the credit for the name and logo, I guess I can't. It was very funny that when I was sorting through some paper work in January '08, I found an old folder that contained hundreds of sketches of mine, and amongst it was Ben's original Spudrocket logo concepts (keep in mind he was about 17 years old at the time). Here it is:

And here is the original sketch that I did while in Vancouver when deciding to go ahead with the Spudrocket business name.

I think it's quite lovely that after all this time, I've drawn on great memories like this to bring to life something I'm so proud of.

And now I have put this section into my website, maybe Ben will stop going on about it! :-)