25th July 2013
Welcome aboard to my gorgeous new clients, and I'm glad to see you again 'old' clients! Of course, in this case, 'old' refers to the fact that I've known you for a while and definitely not your age!

It has been very cold outside (5º C last night) - I still can't find those few electrical cords that I 'lost' in the move - but we are starting to get back on track with warm coffee ahhh I mean work.

If you need a quote for any work, get in touch and I'd be happy to do it for you. Quoting is an important part of knowing where your budget stands, so I am more than happy to requote during the process to include extra work or images not included in the original quote. I realise that changing your mind during a job is a part of the process. Seeing how much text will fit can also a hard task - a brochure can go from 12 pages to 24page in the blink of an eye (or the blip of a word count).

Right now, I'm going to crank up the heater and get some more work done... actually, I'll probably make a coffee first! – Natalie

9th July 2013
Has it really been this long since we change our website?! No wonder, Nat has been mostly out of the office working freelance and we have moved location to West Croydon. We are finally in our home/work space and have lost most of the electrical cords but we know they are in a box somewhere! If you need any work quoted on, give us a call as working from the home office really is Nat's favourite thing to do :)

29th February 2012
It’s been a very busy year so far, large projects going to print, new clients and lots of new freelance clients being introduced to me on a regular basis. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve gotten used to not having any work plans on a Monday to then having a completely full week by Monday afternoon – and loving it. I joke about ‘it being a freelancers’ life’ when I don’t have time to keep a lunch date because suddenly I’m working, but it’s so fantastic to be able to just go with the flow and have the opportunity to work on so many varied projects. From annual reports to poster design in what seems a blink of an eye, my background in commercial jobbing and ability to jump from print to online without hesitation is certainly coming in handy. As February ends and March begins, I’m looking forward to making even more contacts around Adelaide and to joining teams big and small to help get that work done. It’s going to be a great year of the Dragon (which incidentally is my year – rowr!) - Nat

1 September 2011

Spring has sprung!
As the first day of Spring warms up, the studio windows have been cracked open to allow in the beautiful fresh air, the blind has been pulled up to allow in that gorgeous light and the coffee machine is on full crank as Spudrocket gets back up to to speed. I have been away for 6 months, learning and educating and now I'm back in Adelaide in full swing. What an amazing year it's been so far - I hope the rest of the year continues this way! – Nat

11 February 2011

It's February already?!
I have been neglecting the Spudrocket website, it seems, over the past few months. What a great Christmas though, and then I took a trip to Far West NSW and visited my cousin and her family at their sheep station, Vidale. Suddenly it was then the middle of January and I hit the deck running! Welcome aboard to the new clients - I look forward to a long and rewarding relationships with you. And to my faithful clients, I look forward to another great year. Bring it on! – Nat

5 November 2010

What a busy few months
It's been very busy in the Spudrocket studio over the last few months. Most notably working on a few corporate identities - updates and new ones - and gaining new clients. Fantastic to be busy, and to meet new and wonderful people along the way. Don't forget to check out our Facebook page and Twitter feeds for more up to date news!

8 June 2010

In business for four years!
I'm so happy to be still operating Spudrocket four years after beginning on the journey. It's a hell of an achievement and I thank each and every client and supplier, past and present, for making the last four years unforgettable. Here's to the next four exciting years!

22 March 2010

Spudrocket has it's own Twitter feed and Facebook page
Twitter is a fantastic way of networking from the comfort of your own desk, while you're working or playing, any time of day or night. And of course, Facebook being all the rage we couldn't miss out on that either
Follow Spudrocket's Twitter feed <here>. And our Facebook page can be found <here>.

22 February 2010

Purchasing new domain names
I've realised just how important having an online presence is recently, having gained two fantastic clients and gaining many leads through being present on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Local online directories and of course - this website.
With that in mind, I've purchased spudrocket.net.au and spudrocket.net to almost complete the full set of internet names. I'm not sure what happens when you own the whole set, I think aliens may beam you up or something.

8 February 2010

Business as usual
A blip in the Spudrocket history is finally that, a blip. For those of you that knew I had taken a part-time job at SA Ambulance Service as a way of getting out of the home studio, working with a Corporate Communications team and building on experience you should now know that Spudrocket is back to working fulltime.
I won't say that taking the position at SAAS was a mistake, as it was a very valuable learning experience both personally and professionally. I'm very happy to be back at the Spudrocket desk full time and look forward to catching up with you all very soon!

8 May 2009

Still going strong
After almost three years in business, Spudrocket is still going strong with thanks to its loyal customers, and referrals from these loyal customers gaining new business seemingly monthly!
Not much else to report, so it seems almost pointless to have this as a 'news' item, but we're updating the site and thought it about time we added another item... just in case you thought we'd not been paying attention.
Why are we updating the site? More folio pieces, and a fancy new way of doing it! So go and have a look!

15 May 2008

Spudrocket.com.au MarkII is go!
In celebration of the impending second anniversary of where it all began, Spudrocket has launched a website that hopefully will add a smile to the faces of its current clients. Early reviews of the site included 'A marketing tool cunningly disguised as a portfolio, place of calming retreat, and glimpse into the fantastic splendour that is the Spudrocket universe.' - but that was David who said it so drop by for your free pinch of salt to have with that.
A Natalie design brought to life by the wonderful and talented folks at Vmedia, you're looking at it and reading it now.

1 May 2008

Spudrocket launches into the bigger world of business.
Nobody loves a good networking opportunity quite like Natalie which is just one of the reasons Spudrocket has become a member of Business SA. Expect to see her putting her marketing and self-promotional skills to work at upcoming Business SA functions.