Terms of Business

Spudrocket is an Australian Registered Business #BN04751656, proprietor Natalie Jean Burgess, ABN 36 015 644 305.

Spudrocket will supply an invoice on the completion of work which is payable in 14 days. Spudrocket retains the right to NOT grant more than 14 days payable account status. Accounts overdue after the 14 day payable period will be considered delinquent.

Accounts can be paid by direct bank deposit or cheques written to ‘Spudrocket’. No, we do not accept ANY form of credit card.

A finance charge of 5% per 30 day period will be added to overdue accounts.

When commissioning Spudrocket to complete larger or longer term projects, 50% of the fee may be payable upfront before work can commence. This is negotiable. All print organised by Spudrocket is to firstly have artwork paid for in full, then 50% of print before production can be started. The remaining 50% of the account is due on delivery.

While a tangible or intangible product, once paid for, is the property of the client - all creative files (aside from stock photography paid for by the client or logos/photos/graphics supplied to Spudrocket by the client) remain the property of Spudrocket and will not be released under any circumstances. All files that Spudrocket has completed finished art remain the property of Spudrocket until the account concerning those files has been paid in full.

Spudrocket does not charge for archiving clients files. However, see above paragraph.

Spudrocket, the Spudrocket premises, and Natalie Burgess as the Proprietor, are insured.

Spudrocket reserves the right to change these terms with no notice to the client.